Friday, February 23, 2018

Westport filly wins first race

Three-year-old filly Astrogal will be racing at Rideau Carleton this week after an exciting first place finish for Westport area resident Ted Steele and the partners of Blackacre Stable.
Steele along with Ann Quigley, John Quigley and André Bourgon  have been anticipating this year’s racing season after the filly had a strong showing in 2013 as a two-year-old.
Last Thursday night she was driven by trainer Mark Steacy, the owner of the stable in Lansdowne where the filly is being trained.
“At the three quarter she pulled out. She pulled out so fast. We got quite a kick out of that. It was pretty exciting for us,” said Steele. 
Astrogal was ahead seven lengths at one point in the race said Steele who was pleased the horse drew the 2nd post. In this Thursday, June 5 race she’s in the 6th post.
“She did a 1:59, and she wasn’t pushed,” said Steele who is looking forward to Ontario Sire Stakes races this year with Astrogal beginning in Toronto and continuing to Barrie, Elora and Flamborough.
“She’s an unknown factor. We don’t’ know what she can do yet,” said Steele who is pleased with the choice he made three years ago with the purchase of a pregnant mare.
The mare had a speed mark of one minute 56 seconds and the sire, Astronomical had a record of one minute and 50 seconds, a world record at the time.
The birth of Astrogal was followed by Astrios Boy, a second horse for the stable.
He will be racing as a two-year old this year. 
“We just lucked out .We seem to have two good candidates,” said Steele.
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