Thursday, November 23, 2017

Upper Rideau Lake boat house destroyed by fire

Firefighters from stations in Westport, Portland and Elgin attended a fire at a boathouse on Sunnyside Road around noon last Saturday morning.
The owner of the boathouse reported to firefighters that before he was called for lunch he was cutting rope with a torch. 
After returning to the cottage he looked outside and saw smoke.  He could not make entrance to the boathouse via the side door.
When he opened the front doors the wind from the lake fanned the fire which was being drawn to the side door which had been open.
“The crews did a good job actioning the fire. It didn’t destroy any of the trees around it. It didn’t extend to any other buildings or the guest cottage and it didn’t affect the cottage next door. The crew was able to contain it and keep it under control,” he said.
Close to 30 fire fighters attended the scene with a pumper, tanker and rescue from stations in Westport and Portland and a tanker from Elgin Station 3.
Crews drew water from the boat ramp at Forester’s landing, the next side road over.
The fire proved stubborn to extinguish because the roof of the flat topped building consisted of multi-layers of roofing material which had to be cut apart.
The crew made a boom in the lake to contain any debris from the fire. The Ministry of the Environment was notified and attended the scene, said DeBernardi.
Crews left the scene in stages with the final crew members departing the scene around  3 p.m.
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