Friday, February 23, 2018

No smoke alarms Cottage spared from destruction in fire

Last Friday around 10:10 p.m., firefighters from Station 2 in Portland responsed to a structure fire at a cottage on Barklow Lane.
A fire that started in a mattress of a couch which had been put outside of the cottage eventually set the cottage alight.
“They heard a crackling noise and there was the siding going up in flames,” said Rideau Lakes Fire Chief Jay DeBernardi.
The flames traveled into the attic, a bit into the walls and underneath along the floor of the building, which was built on piers.
The owners were awake when the fire started, something of fortunate timing because the cottage was without a smoke alarm.
“If they hadn’t still been awake it would have been a different kind of fire. Maybe the smoke would have awakened them,” said DeBernardi
“You need to install smoke alarms. It’s the law that cottage properties are to have a smoke alarm just like year-round residences,” he said.
“The crew did a good job there -making sure there was no fire extension.” said the chief of the response of the crew which operated a pumper tanker and rescue from Station 2 and a tanker from Elgin Station 3.
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